Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sevvai dosham?? no worries...

Sevvai Dosham is also popularly known as Mangal Dosham, Kuja dosha or Bhauma dosha. In tamil nadu Tamilians call it as Sevvai Kuttram. Sevvai the red planet among nine planets and is called as Planet Mars in English and is a Hindu God named Angarakan.It is an important planet which decides the important occasion in ones life..

The person affected by sevvai Doshan will be facing so many difficulties in life, especially the unmarried ladies. The one who got sevvai dosham in their horoscope should get married to the same person having this dosham. Or else its a risky way to start a new life after marriage.

Still, don't worry here is a simple but powerful way to get rid of sevvai dosham. This dosha parihaar is common to all people irrespective of their religion. They may be a hindu,a muslim or a christian. One having sevvai dosham should go to their worship place and offer NINE RED APPLES to the beggers over there. If they do so, then their dosham will be rectified gradually. But remember these apples should not be cut and given. Offer one full apple to nine persons.

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