Thursday, November 26, 2009

Husband and wife misunderstanding.....???

Marriages are made in heaven'.. though the saying goes so, not all the marriages ends with a heavenly atmosphere. No matter its love marriage or an arranged one, misunderstanding occurs every now and then where ego is at the top from both the sides.Years of increasing stress, frustration, distrust, declining respect, ineffective communication, and disillusionments between couple debilitate tender marriage bonds.

Pre-divorce period also include attempts to heal the marriage with various remedies, including counseling. Seeing a counselor about relationship definitely has its benefits. A counselor can sometimes help both partners to identify the situations that have caused misunderstanding and disagreements and ask them to modify their thinking processes. But it can't always easily help them in eliminating the inner cause.

There will be some dosham or some mistakes that might have taken place say their marriage date itself!!! some marriage dates won't suit the couple which ends up in a separation. Here is a tip which all couple can follow irrespective of their caste and creed.

Take two bamboos of 10 inches height and tie that with a new bought yellow cloth. Put kumkum and turmeric and insert a lotus petal in between. Worship this bamboo for three continuous full moon and leave it in running water. This is a simple remedy for those couple who doesn't understand their spouse. If this done, then the misunderstanding between couples will vanish and love will prevail throughout their life time.

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